What We Can Produce For You:

  • hydraulic lines
  • brake lines
  • fuel lines
  • engine cooling lines
  • lube lines
  • A/C lines
  • exhaust pipes
  • charge air lines
  • structural & mechanical components
  • multi-connection manifolds
  • handle bars and hand rails
BSI ISO 9001 Accred Symbol

Tube Design

We work in partnership with our customers to provide the best tube bending design for each application. Our experience allows us to use the most efficient design methods, and to avoid common mistakes that can cause product failure.

Designing Hydraulic Tubes:

  • use bend radii of at least two times the tube diameter
  • try to use the same bend radius through out any given tube - this reduces setup cost
  • always dimension to the centerline intersection of each leg of a bend
  • allow at least two times the tube diameter between bends
  • always dimension to the end of the flare, not the nut
  • show the dimensions to the centerline of a 90° fitting, not to the end of the fitting
  • show dimensions to the end of the flare on a straight braze or weld-on fitting
  • use x,y,z dimensioning with one end of the tube being the zero point
  • linear tolerances should be considered carefully. If a tight tolerance is required, you may expect the cost to increase. A reasonable tolerance for most tubes is +/- .06" to +/- .19".
  • we recommend SAE J525 for use in hydraulic lines. It has the greatest reliability and quality, and it provides the advantages of a single flare

Things To Avoid In Dimensioning:

  • do not dimension to the start of a bend
  • do not dimension to outside or inside radius lines
  • do not chain dimension
  • do not show angular dimensions and arc dimensions, except in reference
  • do not require compound bends - no straight length between bends

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