What We Can Produce For You:

  • hydraulic lines
  • brake lines
  • fuel lines
  • engine cooling lines
  • lube lines
  • A/C lines
  • exhaust pipes
  • charge air lines
  • structural & mechanical components
  • multi-connection manifolds
  • handle bars and hand rails
BSI ISO 9001 Accred Symbol

Quality Control

At Linfor Inc., we integrate exceptional quality control into every step of the design, fabrication, and delivery processes. Our tube bending and manifold products meet the highest standards for precision and cleanliness. We also will work with our customers to match the right product and delivery configuration for every order. Whether you need a small order of a few pieces or a large batch, we will make sure you receive the highest quality product.

We offer custom delivery options, including

  • small or large releases
  • 5 to 500 or more per release
  • JIT
  • KanBan

Appearance and Cleanliness

Because we know how important the cosmetic quality of your order is to you, we make sure your parts will look good on the final assembly. Our production environment is carefully managed in order to protect and enhance the cosmetic appearance and structural integrity of every product. We use state-of-the-art equipment to maintain highest quality of production and delivery. Our processes include:

  • automatic cut-off machines
  • automatic de-burring machines
  • automatic cleaning machines
  • custom metal end caps (for processing and/or shipping)
  • plastic end caps for shipping

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