What We Can Produce For You:

  • hydraulic lines
  • brake lines
  • fuel lines
  • engine cooling lines
  • lube lines
  • A/C lines
  • exhaust pipes
  • charge air lines
  • structural & mechanical components
  • multi-connection manifolds
  • handle bars and hand rails
BSI ISO 9001 Accred Symbol

Tube Manifolds

Multi Connection Manifolds

Through the use of our in-house machine shop, our TIG and MIG welding facilities, and our years of experience we are able to produce almost any imaginable manifold. We can also produce almost any imaginable connection.

Please take a look at the products pictured here and imagine how you could save space, reduce initial costs, and save on installation costs. If you have an application that is a challenge, contact us (link) and we'll put our experience to work for you to develop the best design.

We are here to solve your problems for you, and to lower your cost through better designs products, services and delivery systems.

Cold Forming ORS Ends

Linfor Inc. has installed a cold forming system to provide installation of an O-ring face sealing system without welding or brazing.

Small Lot Production

Our technology lets us control our CNC production systems to efficiently produce small quantities. With minimal set up time, small lots can be produced at reasonable cost to the customer

End Fitting Attachment

Linfor Inc. has invested in the latest welding and brazing equipment for attaching end fittings with the following methods:

  • Induction brazing
  • TIG welding
  • MIG welding
  • Gas-air rotary brazing

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